Say goodbye to crippling anxiety, sleepless nights and chronic pain!

Our Softgels Are Effective For

  • Soothing your crippling pain naturally, without being addictive!
  • Helping you relax and sleep like a rock.
  • Easing stress and anxiety, without negative side effects like those from prescriptions.
  • Rejuvenating your energy levels so you can feel like YOU again!

"I would always wake up in the middle of the night with horrible back pain. The first night of taking the CBD oil as suggested, I slept a full 8 hours without waking up once and woke up with considerably less pain and stiffness."


"I keep a bottle in my backpack and take a capsule or two when I feel anxious. It's convenient and clean and travel safe!"


"I used this to deal with pain in my joints and boy it worked like a charm. I highly recommend this product. Go order some right now and start feeling better!"


Who Are We?

Hi I'm Erin, owner of 8LABS CBD!

Back in 2017, after throwing out my back and suffering extreme pain, I was left jobless for several days and was desperately looking for anything to help me recover.

A friend recommended trying medical marijuana gummies to help find relief... and for the time being, it helped.

Once my pain subsided and I was able to return to work, I knew I needed to find something to achieve the same pain-relieving results, without the psychoactive effects.

This is when I found CBD.

Back then, CBD was a little known supplement...

After researching and trying it for myself, I found it to be a better way to get the relief I needed, while still allowing me to function normally in my day to day life and at work!

Now, my mission is to continue to tell the world about the wonderful benefits and healing-abilities of CBD. With the goal of delivering only the most pure, clean and powerful products to everyone who needs to find relief!

Why Choose Our Softgels?

We offer the world's best full spectrum CBD softgels. Carefully crafted to maintain its active Cannabidiol (CBD) content, our softgels are pure, clean and powerful. We thoroughly test each batch to ensure our hemp oil extracts are safe, reliable and effective. All our oil is cultivated, harvested and processed in the USA.

Our Guarantees


100% free shipping with no hidden fees. An email confirmation with tracking information is sent at the time of shipment.


We have a strict quality control program including on site chromatography reviews and independent lab tests on each batch of product.


We accept returns on unopened, unused bottles for a full refund within 30 days of purchase.


CBD Softgels 750mg (40% Off)
CBD Softgels 750mg (40% Off)

CBD Softgels 750mg (40% Off)

2 PACK CBD Softgels 750mg (GREAT deal!)
2 PACK CBD Softgels 750mg (GREAT deal!)

2 PACK CBD Softgels 750mg (GREAT deal!)

3 PACK CBD Softgels 750mg (BEST deal!)
3 PACK CBD Softgels 750mg (BEST deal!)

3 PACK CBD Softgels 750mg (BEST deal!)


"I have suffered with anxiety the majority of my life. I was looking for something holistic because I am not big on traditional medications. This fits the bill and calms me down."


"I've had restless leg and sleep problems for the last year, and once I tried taking a CBD softgel before bed, I have slept great! What a lifesaver!!"


"Great product for overall health and wellness! The package was delivered in timely fashion to my front door. Thanks so much!"